Anyone who enters our building premises must wear a mask at all times.

The outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic had started to make an impact to our daily lifestyle.
As the numbers of the infected cases are increasing daily, we are ramping up our preventive measures at Myanmar Plaza for your health and safety.

1. With effect from 20 April 2020, ANYONE who enters our building premises (shopping mall, office tower, car park, etc) must wear a mask at all times.
This apply to all staff, tenants, shoppers, service providers, etc.

2. After registering at the reception counter at Office Tower Ground Floor lobby, all tenants’ visitors must be escorted by the respective tenant’s staff. At the end of their visit, tenant must escort their visitors to the Ground Floor as well.

We hope these small actions can contribute towards our fight against COVID-19. Every single effort counts!

We will remain vigilant in adopting the necessary precautionary measures to ensure public health and hygiene.