We Care, We Share by Myanmar Plaza: November Donation

We Care, We Share by Myanmar Plaza: November Donation

With the objective of “helping each other”, we, as Myanmar Plaza, have implemented a program called “We care, We Share”. In order to support those in need of food during these struggling times, we donated bags of rice and cooking oil to 300 struggling households in East Dagon Township (14) Ward, Yangon Region on November 18th. We feel very blessed to have been able to make this donation and plan on making more donations in the near future.

We Care, We Share by Myanmar Plaza: October Donation

We Care, We Share by Myanmar Plaza: October Donation

Since 2020 when the COVID-19 outbreak started, Myanmar Plaza has established a new program called “We Care, We Share” with the aim of helping the community. When “We care, We Share” first started, hand sanitizers and face masks were distributed to the community to help prevent the outbreak. Cash donations were also funded to community healthcare centers. Currently, continuous donations are made with the aim of providing support to people who are in need of food.
Today, on October 21st, as part of Myanmar Plaza’s “We care, We Share” program, 4kg bags of rice were donated to 300 households in Ward (108) of East Dagon Township, Yangon Region. In addition, stationery and nutritional snacks were also donated to the children living in the surrounding area. Myanmar Plaza team was blessed to make contributions to the community and will continue similar charities in near future.

Myanmar Plaza Donated Rice to Needy Families in East Dagon

Myanmar Plaza Donated Rice to Needy Families in East Dagon

In our communities, families are always at the top of our mind to serve and bring happiness.
Today (September 16, 2022), Myanmar Plaza team had the privilege of distributing rice bags for 300 households living at Ward (118) of East Dagon township. The children of the households too had a great time receiving snacks, drinks and fruits.
Myanmar Plaza team was blessed to make contributions to the community and will continue similar charities in near future.

Where Myanmar Plaza Came from and Where It Is Heading

Where Myanmar Plaza Came from and Where It Is Heading

Yangon, the commercial capital of Myanmar, welcomed a 100% foreign direct investment from Vietnam’s Hoang Anh Gia Lai (HAGL) Myanmar in the form of the Myanmar Centre Project which began to take shape in 2013.

With the aim of giving a quality retail shopping experience, the project included the construction of an international retail shopping centre which was opened in 2015 and introduced to the public as Myanmar Plaza.

Prominent Retail Shopping Features

Having scored the hand-in-hand synergy of business and entertainment by comprising over 200 well-managed retail units, surrounded by Grade-A Office Towers and a five-star hotel, Myanmar Plaza was awarded the Best Retail Development Award by Property Guru in 2016. Such a feat was further enhanced by visitors who discovered the travel incredibly easy from across the city.

On the topic of convenience, one would usually stumble on a variety of promotion programs to attract shoppers of all ages. The shopping centre maintains a sunny outdoor space donned with a beautiful water fountain for seasonal celebrations while boasting a spacious indoor promotion area for marketing activities all year round.

Cosmopolitan Nature

Myanmar Plaza, in its mission to provide international shopping experience, has brought in world-renowned brands, luxury products, fashion and cosmetics, and a major supermarket together under one roof. Its double-floor car park serves hundreds of vehicles simultaneously.

Befitting a cosmopolitan city such as Yangon, Myanmar Plaza celebrates major international and domestic special occasions while frequently hosting Myanmar traditional and cultural exhibitions, thereby becoming a hub of cultural exchange.

Job Opportunities

Since its arrival in Myanmar’s retail market, Myanmar Plaza has been a source of employment in many ways. Starting with construction jobs during the implementation stage, the shopping mall afterwards continued to create thousands of employment opportunities via its retail units of renowned brand shops, restaurants, entertainment and marketing activities.

Business Expansion


Looking forward to the future, HAGL and Vietnam-based THACO Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement. 100% ownership of the Myanmar Centre Project was then transferred to THADICO, THACO’s subsidiary for Real Estate Development to further continue the project development. Ultimately, the expansion is expected to raise the urban living standards of the modern city and bring about more employment opportunities.

Initiative for Pandemic Preventive Measures

Starting in early March of 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic spread to the country, Myanmar Plaza was the first shopping mall to roll out preventive measures such as temperature checking, placing hand sanitisers at every floor, disinfection at public areas and contact tracing, for the safety of visitors, tenants and their employees alike.

More significantly, the retail shopping mall invited pandemic-hit local SME businesses to plant their presence at plausibly affordable rates and sustained their business growth by giving access to high traffic of Myanmar Plaza.


CSR Activities

Since its inception, Myanmar Plaza has been providing care for local communities via its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs.

Previous activities entail donations to philanthropic organisations and relief efforts for flood-hit households from Mon State and Bago Region in the past years.

Very recently, Myanmar Plaza provided succour to destitute families from East Dagon Township of Yangon Region and donated funds for the renovation of Zabudipa Monastic Education School so the neighbourhood children to continue their studies despite any weather conditions.

What to Expect in the Future?

Myanmar Centre is gearing up to implement the second phase of the project to meet the evolving higher living standards of Yangon City. The new phase will include Grade-A office towers, commercial centre, Serviced Apartments, Residences, cinema, entertainment areas and more to embody the concept of “Everything under One Roof’.

Once completed and put into operation, local communities will be able to enjoy the benefits of higher living standards, in addition to bountiful employment opportunities as one would expect from a major commercial and business hub of Yangon.

Myanmar Plaza Donated Food Supplies to Needy Families and Funds for Renovation of a Monastic School

Myanmar Plaza Donated Food Supplies to Needy Families and Funds for Renovation of a Monastic School


On Monday, March 28th, 2022, Myanmar Plaza contributed food supplies to the vulnerable families in East Dagon Township, Yangon Region for their essential needs and donated education funds for the renovation of a building to facilitate convenient learning for young children in the neighbourhood.

Continuing the annual tradition of contributing to local communities and lending a helping hand to the needy people, Myanmar Plaza, in this year, visited Dawei Chaung in East Dagon and donated necessary provisions of 6kg of bags of rice and 1-litre cooking oil to 200 vulnerable households. These donations meant relieving these families from some of the struggles encountered daily upon.

Moreover, to lift literacy and facilitate more worry-free learning for young children in the neighborhood, Myanmar Plaza has donated funds to Zabudipa Monastic Education School to kickstart renovation of a school building and to support teachers and students alike. Zabudipa Monastic Education School was founded in 2009 and all school-age children rely on it for primary education. Many of its students came from needy families with challenging livelihoods.

The spokesperson of Myanmar Plaza, at the donation event, said “Myanmar Plaza is committed to being a responsible corporate business within the communities it is a part of, and we continue to keep looking out for needy communities and provide help as with every year. This time, we want to meaningfully contribute to vulnerable communities and support the education sector since education is essential to get a brighter future for our children. What we do is just a small gesture and we do hope that more enterprises, organizations and individuals can join us in this caring and supporting campaign.”

Sayadaw U Pyinnya Zawta, the head of Zabudipa Monastic Education School, accepted the donation at the ceremony and expressed sincere appreciation for the aid. “The kind support from the Myanmar Plaza team has brought joy to many of our students and residents on this day. These contributions are most welcome as such donations and goodwill greatly aid us in providing for those under our care. Today’s donations solved the financial problems the Monastic school is facing at the moment and also assisted in the future education of the students.”

Monastic schools such as Zabudipa Monastic Education School provide free primary education to children of families lacking financial means for school supplies and volunteers are recognized as legitimate educational institutions. These schools provide free education to children and attract enrolments from vulnerable communities, ethnic and migrant populations from across the country.

For many years, Myanmar Plaza has been participating in helping communities and needy people through its corporate social responsibility. Previously, it has made donations for flood-hit households from Bago Region, contributed cash assistance to Kyeik Wine Boy’s Training School and Shwegondaing Nursery School in Yangon, and provided flood relief donations for disaster-hit areas in Mon State.