Donation of Teaching Materials , Food and Basic Necessities to a Free Vocational Training Centre for Yong Women

It is crucial for women to pursue careers that will enable them to support themselves.
We surround ourselves with women who have chosen the wrong career path because of various circumstances, who are oppressed, and who were unable to complete their degree due to financial difficulties.
In our constant efforts to better the community, we at , also considered helping women improve their careers through vocational education.
We contributed to the “Shwe Yamin Foundation” this time, which offers free vocational training to help young women improve their careers.
“Shwe Yamin Foundation” provides training for young women across Myanmar, aged 14 to 22, who are underprivileged and have their own goals but find it difficult to achieve them.
Within six months, they have to learn
1. Sewing
2. Make-up
3. Hairdressing
4. Cooking
5. Bakery
6. English
7. Computer training
8. Social communication
9. Handmade, crafts, and
10. Reproductive health
Honoring the good intentions and deeds of the “Shwe Yamin Foundation,” , donated teaching materials for sewing and handicrafts subjects, as well as rice, oil, pepper, onion, beans, potatoes, vermicelli, dried fish, and basic necessities like charcoal, soap powder, liquid soap, and so forth, valued at a total of two million kyats .
We shall keep working in the hopes that our assistance will contribute to women’s bright futures.