We wish to inform all tenants that there has been one confirmed case of COVID-19 (case #120) in Myanmar Plaza as announced by the Ministry of Health and Sports on April 21, 2020.

The individual is a tenant of Myanmar Plaza. Her last day of work was on April 9. The mall was closed from April 10th to 20th in accordance with the government’s direction. The mall was reopened on April 20th. However, the said individual (i.e. Case #120) did not return to work or visit the mall after it had been reopened.

With the well-being of our tenants as our utmost priority, the Management has initiated a series of deep cleaning processes in the immediate area as well as the common areas. Special cleaning and disinfection have thoroughly been done in the surrounding areas as a precaution.

Furthermore, the healthcare professionals from the Ministry of Health and Sports has issued educational healthcare guidelines for shoppers and tenants on April 21 and did speaker-announcements on April 23 at Myanmar Plaza as well. These guidelines shall be followed by all tenants and shoppers.

Since late January when coronavirus began to spread from China to other countries, Myanmar Plaza had put various preventive measures in place, e.g. temperature checks, providing hand sanitizers, etc. After cases were begun to be recorded in Myanmar, we imposed additional measures that all staff and shoppers must wear mask within our premises.

We are currently monitoring the situation and we will update you as it develops. We also seek your cooperation to work collectively to minimize the potential risks and spread of COVID-19, and to safeguard the well-being of everyone at Myanmar Centre. Please inform us if you have any suspect case in your office or amongst your tenants / customers.

REMAIN VIGILANT AND ADOPT GOOD PERSONAL HYGIENE PRACTICES. Together we will overcome these challenging times. Thank you for your kind understanding and patience.