Myanmar Plaza Donated Food Supplies to Needy Families and Funds for Renovation of a Monastic School


On Monday, March 28th, 2022, Myanmar Plaza contributed food supplies to the vulnerable families in East Dagon Township, Yangon Region for their essential needs and donated education funds for the renovation of a building to facilitate convenient learning for young children in the neighbourhood.

Continuing the annual tradition of contributing to local communities and lending a helping hand to the needy people, Myanmar Plaza, in this year, visited Dawei Chaung in East Dagon and donated necessary provisions of 6kg of bags of rice and 1-litre cooking oil to 200 vulnerable households. These donations meant relieving these families from some of the struggles encountered daily upon.

Moreover, to lift literacy and facilitate more worry-free learning for young children in the neighborhood, Myanmar Plaza has donated funds to Zabudipa Monastic Education School to kickstart renovation of a school building and to support teachers and students alike. Zabudipa Monastic Education School was founded in 2009 and all school-age children rely on it for primary education. Many of its students came from needy families with challenging livelihoods.

The spokesperson of Myanmar Plaza, at the donation event, said “Myanmar Plaza is committed to being a responsible corporate business within the communities it is a part of, and we continue to keep looking out for needy communities and provide help as with every year. This time, we want to meaningfully contribute to vulnerable communities and support the education sector since education is essential to get a brighter future for our children. What we do is just a small gesture and we do hope that more enterprises, organizations and individuals can join us in this caring and supporting campaign.”

Sayadaw U Pyinnya Zawta, the head of Zabudipa Monastic Education School, accepted the donation at the ceremony and expressed sincere appreciation for the aid. “The kind support from the Myanmar Plaza team has brought joy to many of our students and residents on this day. These contributions are most welcome as such donations and goodwill greatly aid us in providing for those under our care. Today’s donations solved the financial problems the Monastic school is facing at the moment and also assisted in the future education of the students.”

Monastic schools such as Zabudipa Monastic Education School provide free primary education to children of families lacking financial means for school supplies and volunteers are recognized as legitimate educational institutions. These schools provide free education to children and attract enrolments from vulnerable communities, ethnic and migrant populations from across the country.

For many years, Myanmar Plaza has been participating in helping communities and needy people through its corporate social responsibility. Previously, it has made donations for flood-hit households from Bago Region, contributed cash assistance to Kyeik Wine Boy’s Training School and Shwegondaing Nursery School in Yangon, and provided flood relief donations for disaster-hit areas in Mon State.